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In the recently revitalized Midtown district of Miami, four distinct neighborhoods can be found: Wynwood, with its craft breweries, local bakeries and graffiti-embossed walls; Midtown which offers trendy dining options and luxury condos; Edgewater which contains older homes as well as high rise buildings by the bay side; Finally there is the Design District which is dominated by upscale brand names within fashion.

In just 15 years, the area known as Midtown has undergone an incredible boom. Today it is home to both artists and affluent patrons of art alike; however, not long ago this was an industrial area with warehouses and low rents which attracted trendsetters like filmmakers and artists. The complex street art in the area quickly made it famous for its living gallery potential, which eventually attracted developer interest after the 2005 opening of the Midtown Miami mall. Since then, the area has seen remarkable growth comparable to that of Brooklyn’s Williamsburg.


Popular restaurants, brews made by artisans, and the flavor of contemporary urban life.

Midtown is located between Edgewater and Wynwood and is a 9-block area packed with shops, bars, and restaurants. Originally intended to be Miami's SoHo district, Midtown is essentially a condensed version of the city itself, with luxury residential towers overlooking national and local retailers.

What is notable about Midtown's tenants is the range and concentration of businesses present: national retail chains like Target, Home Goods, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Marshalls, and West Elm; company offices shared spaces; independent bars and restaurants that give the area a Miami-like feel.

With its number of parks and green spaces, the area is perfect for those who like to go for a walk with their dog in the afternoon. The main takeaway for potential residents is that unless they want to drive somewhere, they can do all their work, shopping and leisure activities within walking distance of home.

Wynwood is a popular location for young professionals and entrepreneurs due to its unique look, hip bars and restaurants, and ample office space. Midtown central has many housing options, with upscale condos located above popular businesses such as eateries and stores. Edgewater is strictly residential whereas the Design District offers fashion-related businesses and architecture firms close together on two blocks full of high end fashion outlets including Louis Vuitton, Rolex Tiffany & Co.


Start off at a gallery opening and end up at a brewery, going from one local-produced film screening to the next.

This area is a popular spot for art enthusiasts, boasting monthly Art Walks and an independent cinema. Here you'll find Miami's craft food and drink scene in full force, including breweries, bakeries, sausage makers and coffee shops. Bars with creative concepts and outdoor spaces are also part of this area's appeal - it offers a low-key alternative to the South Beach nightlife scene.

Midtown is a great area for walking, with lots of nearby shops and cafes in the Design District and Wynwood to the north and south. Even though it's not on the Metromover monorail system, there are plenty of rentable scooters and Ubers available to get around. It’s also close enough to Miami Beach that you can easily walk across the Julia Tuttle Causeway or take I95 if you want to explore more of Miami-Dade County.

Middletown provides a compromise between living in the city and having some space to breathe. It is convenient and has added energy compared to downtown, but without the congestion.


 This city does not have many schools, parks for families or open spaces.

This urban hub has long been a magnet for immigrants and people seeking jobs, even though its schools, family parks, and open spaces are not well known.


New high-rises near the central Midtown area provide a modern and stylish living space.

The majority of buildings in central Midtown date from 2005 or later and offer panoramic views of Downtown Miami, Biscayne Bay and Miami Beach. Condos in this area are considered to be hot, with prices increasing every month. More moderately-priced units as well as extremely expensive penthouses can be found that overlook the entire city. Older condos in Edgewater may be more reasonable price-wise but still cost more than average for the county due to rising demand for oceanfront view properties.


The area has great energy, amazing drinks and food, and something interesting to look at on every street corner.

Midtown is quickly becoming one of Miami's signature neighborhoods and a major creative hub within the southeast United States. Small and large firms alike are flocking to its street-level offices, loft-style spaces, and industrial buildings.

Midtown Miami is a true shopping sanctuary where tourists and locals alike can shop for everything from souvenirs to Tiffany diamonds. Famous for its residential buildings, Midtown also has exciting art exhibits, a live concert series, and some of the best restaurants in town.

Among the most exciting neighborhoods in Miami, Midtown is a surprising explosion of colors hidden among what was the industrial zone. Today the area is famous for industrial-chic art galleries, cutting-edge contemporary skyscrapers and world-class shopping.

Within this diverse district are four distinct neighborhoods: Wynwood, with craft breweries, local bakeries and graffiti-embossed walls; Midtown, with modern restaurants and luxury condominiums; Edgewater, the older houses and skyscrapers on the bay; and the Design District, dominated by the most exclusive fashion brands.

Small but with so many places of interest, Midtown is an essential stop on the tour of Miami for many visitors and tourists.

Midtown Miami is a delightful neighborhood that is rapidly developing into one of the hottest and most electrifying places to visit. It offers hotels, shops, splendid apartments, gyms, cafes and the best restaurants for everyone.

Famous for its low rents, in the last 20 years Midtown has attracted artists, directors and musicians from all areas causing rapid growth in the district. Rents have obviously increased in the area due to the upgrading of the arts scene, but residents and visitors continue to embrace the energy and unique atmospheres it offers.

Midtown combines an urban infrastructure with the atmosphere of a small town. It is a perfect place to go out, work and enjoy a night of great energy and good humor. Its central location is perfect for getting anywhere around Miami. You can go to Miami Beach in just 15 minutes. Not to mention the many luxury residential buildings, lush green spaces, parks and a central shopping center called "The Shops at Midtown".

Among the most outstanding places, we can find:

The Shops at Midtown is an open-air shopping neighborhood offering a variety of national stores, local boutiques, and an array of casual and fine dining.

It is one of the most important shopping centers in Miami with many souvenir shops and much more. There are more than 70 boutiques, from clothing, health and beauty, home decoration, restaurants and trattorias, all designed to satisfy all user tastes and demands.

The Stage

During the weekend, The Stage venue offers a first-class night scene with live music, a relaxing atmosphere, reasonably priced drinks and good food. It is difficult to find the first time, as it is under an overpass, a bit hidden in the middle of the parking lot, but this only adds to the relaxed atmosphere that the place seeks to convey.


When it comes to Midtown nightlife, in addition to The Stage, there's the fantastic local Lagniappe, which has a number of prized bottles of wine to go with cheeses and charcuterie. The huge outside patio is perfect for hanging out with friends, listening to live jazz music, and maybe having another bottle of wine.

Where to eat

Prohibition Restaurant and Speakeasy is a welcoming place where reservations are essential. You can try a delicious steak and other specialties of the house. In this small and elegant meeting point, diners can share large communal tables. It is also perfect for having a drink after dinner and enjoying a drink while listening to live music.

Another activity that you can stroll north to is the unstoppable neighborhood of the Design District. Yes, you can go shopping at fancy single-brand boutiques like Prada or Saint Laurent, but you can also visit Miami's newest museum, the ICA, which has some great contemporary art exhibits. You will find masterful works by artists of the caliber of Picasso, Linchtenstein and Christo.

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