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The Bal Harbour and Bay Harbor Islands area offers a peaceful beachside living experience, as well as internationally famous shopping destinations. Easily accessible by bridges from bustling Miami, the area seems immune to its urban chaos - though it is located at the northernmost tip of Miami Beach.

Bay Harbor is a village located in Miami Beach. The area comprises two islands, Broadview and Bay Harbor, which work together to create a laid back and sunny disposition. Bal Harbour is also part of Miami Beach, but is much smaller with only ten blocks at its northernmost boundary.


This area is fairly quiet, which is how they like it.

The beach in Bal Harbour is one of the most protected and pristine in Miami. The weather is generally balmy there, with few exceptions.

Situated at the northernmost tip of Miami Beach, Bal Harbour is a small, affluent town with a population of just over 3,000. Spanning just over 10 blocks, Bal Harbour runs north to south from Haulover Inlet to 96th Street and is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay. Although downtown Miami is a mere 40 minutes drive away, the hustle and bustle of the big city never seems to encroach upon daily life here, and tranquility reigns supreme. 


Afternoons spent at the mall, lunch on the pool deck of your building and walks along the beach - that's what Sunday mornings look like when you live close to the water!

Residents make good use of the area's greatest asset, which is its beach. The Bal Harbour Shops and Bay Harbor Islands' Main Street are notable exceptions as they offer upscale shopping and dining experiences away from the beach.

Bal Harbour is a tight-knit community, with day-to-day life revolving around the pristine beach, luxury shopping, and excellent restaurants. In sharp contrast to the buzzing and exciting neighborhoods further to the south, nothing much happens in Bal Harbour; and that’s just the way residents here like it.

Bal Harbour's village setting and tree-lined sidewalks make it a supremely walkable neighborhood. Residents can easily stroll or bike to cafes, shops, and the beach.

The convenient location of Bal Harbour makes it easy for residents to drive to downtown Miami in under forty minutes and Fort Lauderdale in half an hour. Collins Avenue runs through the center of town, so it's easy to access the vibrant scenes further south as well as parks, beaches and shopping northward.

Although the summers can be hot and muggy, Bal Harbour residents are fortunate to have access to the Atlantic Ocean's breeze which keeps things bearable. The humidity is rarely overwhelming thanks to the great weather of South Florida.


There are not many nightlife options and the pace is slow.

Nightlife options are limited and some people may find the pace of life too slow and quiet, and others will enjoy the tranquility! Depending on your preferences, this may be a plus or minus feature.


Single-family homes and high-rises on the water make up a large portion of the Bay Harbor Islands and Bal Harbour Estates neighborhoods.

The single family homes in Bay Harbour are moderately-priced, while the multi-family and condo options are more affordable. There is a wide variety of housing options, with luxury options available near the waterfront. A recent development boom has also increased the availability of new construction in Surfside just south of Bay Harbour.

Bal Harbour provides an exclusive, idyllic enclave for a diverse array of residents and boasts some of the most exclusive real estate in the country, including ultra-luxury high-rise developments with next-level amenities, privacy, and stunning views. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Bal Harbour such a desirable place to live.


The most peaceful stretch of a world-class beach is where you can live.

This space will make you forget that you're in the hustle and bustle of Miami and feel like you're at a quaint resort village.

Bal Harbor neighborhood in Miami is the ideal place for those looking for exclusivity and quality of life. Like other luxury regions in Florida, Bal Harbour also attracts the attention of celebrities and high net worth individuals searching for Miami Luxury Real Estate. The great advantage of this community is that, in addition to being reserved and exclusive, the prices of the units in their luxury condos are more attractive than other more disputed areas. 

The beach here is one of Miami’s most pristine and protected, and locals are never tired of its white, sugary sand and clear, aquamarine water. The Bal Harbour Beach Walk runs the beach's length and is a favorite place to walk, run, or cycle, while nearby Haulover Park is a popular spot for Bal Harbour families to spend the day.

The majority of the local shopping and dining scene is centered around Bal Harbour Shops, an upscale outdoor shopping mall featuring luxury boutiques and high-end restaurants. 

Public art is everywhere in Bal Harbour, most notably along the Beach Walk, where rotating exhibitions are always on display. Fifty images and text pieces line the pathway, providing cutting-edge contemporary art that offers residents new ways to interact with space.

Bal Harbour is known for having the most luxurious designer stores in the world. The mall is a pleasant place to walk, with beautiful landscaping. You can enjoy yourself even if you're not planning on buying anything. Make sure to try out Carpaccio restaurant for lunch - it's one of our favourites! We'll be talking more about restaurants and gastronomy soon so keep tuned!

In the neighborhood you will find great parks. Do outdoor activities and get in touch with Florida’s tropical nature. Haulover Beach Park offers a picnic area and a walking or cycling path.

Just as everything in the neighborhood is exclusive, so are the beaches. Enjoy peace and tranquility and relax on one of Florida’s most beautiful beaches.

Bal Harbor is home to the famous St. Regis Bar & Wine Vault. Think of a trendy environment in one of Miami’s most exclusive spots, where you can enjoy labels of the most coveted champagnes and wines from around the world. As already mentioned, Bal Harbor is just north of Miami Beach. This way, if you want to enjoy all the action that Miami has to offer, just cross some bridges and, in a few minutes, you will be in the hottest part of the city!  In the region you will find French, Greek, Italian, Oriental cuisine and, of course, traditional American cuisine.

Bal Harbour residents enjoy coming together as a community, and events are scattered throughout the year. In keeping with the town’s low-key vibe, many of these events are laid-back, family-friendly affairs like movie nights or free yoga on the beach. 

More high-profile events are held regularly at Bal Harbour Shops, including social galas, fashion showcases, and boutique open houses. A highlight of the local calendar is Haute Cuisine, an annual multi-day event featuring visiting chefs, dinner parties, and cooking classes. 

The state of Florida is already known for its safety. There you will find some of the safest cities in the United States. Bal Harbor in Miami is one of the safest areas in the city, with reinforced policing.

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