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n spite of their proximity, Aventura and Sunny Isles have little in common. Aventura is a planned community on the mainland, while Sunny Isles is a small city on the coast.

Aventura has beautiful parks and golf courses which give the city a welcoming feel. The Aventura Mall is famous, but there are many other shops and restaurants within walking distance. Sunny Isles is just across from Aventura, and it's quickly growing as more high-rise hotels and condos are being built there. The beaches in this area are serene and perfect for relaxing on vacation.


A suburban neighborhood with excellent schools, a high quality of life, and beautiful planning.

During the 1970s, Aventura began developing into the city that it is today. The area was carefully planned from the start and still looks fresh and vibrant thanks to its large number of green spaces. In contrast, Sunny Isles boasts stunning panoramic ocean views with high rise after high rise.

Aventura is most famous for its enormous shopping mall, but there is so much more to this charming city. People from all over the world are drawn to Aventura, attracted by its super-convenient location, tranquil atmosphere, and proximity to gorgeous beaches, ample parks, and a wide variety of real estate options.


There are many yachts in the marinas, and there are many places to go to the beach nearby. Also, there is world-class shopping close by.

Aventura Mall is the main attraction for shoppers in Dade and Broward Counties. The area also offers high-traffic marinas as well as proximity to both the Atlantic shoreline and walking trails. For young families, condos along Collins Avenue offer hotel-style amenities.

One of the main benefits of living in Aventura is its convenient location. It takes less than half an hour to drive Downtown Miami, 40 minutes to get to Fort Lauderdale, and around 5 minutes to reach the beautiful beaches. The traffic can be a bit congested at times, but many residents make the daily commute anyway because of these close access points.

There are a number of ways to get around Aventura. The free shuttle buses connect many popular areas, and there is also an extensive Metrobus service that connects with the regional Tri-Rail commuter network for those who prefer not to drive. Biking is another popular option since locals can often be seen cruising around on two wheels.

People in Aventura love spending time outdoors, and thanks to South Florida's wonderful climate, it's possible to live an active outdoor lifestyle almost all year round. The layout of Aventura is well planned with plenty of beautiful green spaces - even in the summer when it can get hot and muggy there are always trees nearby offering relief.

At Aventura, you have many options for getting your exercise in. The Don Soffer Exercise Trail is a popular 3-mile paved trail that is shady and tranquil. Closer by, Founders Park offers locals a fantastic multi-use green space where they can play sports or walk through tropical gardens. This diverse park hosts many community events and offers various ways to get moving!

Aventura's waterways and canals provide ample opportunity for water-based fun, whether it's boating, kayaking or taking a sail. Miami's world-famous beaches are also close by, with some of the most beautiful white-sand beaches on the planet just a 5-minute drive away.

With so many great shopping options close by, it's no wonder that Aventura residents love to shop. Trendy Biscayne Boulevard is lined with all kinds of boutiques and galleries, while Town Center Aventura offers shoppers a more outdoor experience with lots of shops, restaurants and bars.

The biggest shopping draw in the city is Aventura Mall, an enormous development that brings visitors from all over the region.


The roads are currently congested and lack sufficient capacity to handle the influx of new residents.

 While many residents of the area have moved to new homes, there is still a shortage of roads in the immediate area to accommodate all the extra traffic. And that has produced some congestion on what few highways there are.


Sunny Isle has a variety of mid-rise and high-rise condos that are priced differently from one another.

 Aventura tends to have more modest houses and condos along its shoreline. Sunny Isle is dominated by expensive condos, while there are fewer options for lower cost property close to the beach.

There are a variety of real estate options in Aventura, ranging from modest homes to ultra-luxury condos. Many of the most sought-after properties are located in gated communities like Chateau Gardens and Portsview at the Waterways where you will find upscale luxury single family homes and opulent properties with canal access. Away from the water there are more approachable options including low rise condos and single family homes.


The location of the property in relation to the county's top schools and minutes from the beach is convenient.

 The tranquility of this area attracts people from all over the world, making it an upscale location.

​​In Aventura, residents have easy access to Miami's vibrant art and culture. This includes the Frost Science Museum, which has an incredible aquarium and planetarium; performance venues like Arlene Arsht Center and American Airlines Arena; as well as the Aventura Arts and Culture Center. This modern building in a gorgeous setting offers free events and acts as an important gathering space for community members.

Aventura is home to many well-renowned restaurants, including those serving Peruvian, Japanese and other types of cuisine from around the world. Some of these establishments are casual undiscovered gems while others are renowned for their cutting-edge cuisine. 

One of Miami's most famous features is its beaches, and Aventura makes it easy to access numerous ones in the area. It is located just across from Golden Beach which can be reached via the William Lehman Causeway which leads onto Collins Avenue - a road that goes right past many of the city's ocean fronts.

Aventura is a great place to live if you enjoy sun, sand and surf. You can be steps away from a vacation without any added cost - it's like living on permanent holiday!

Aventura is proud of its high level of education and the great schools within its borders. Around half of the population are college graduates, and more than 90% finish high school.

If you are shopping for fun, Aventura has the third largest mall in the US with 300 stores and almost 10,000 parking spaces. Within the city's boundaries there are also many parks, coffee shops, libraries and movie theaters that families can enjoy.

If you love fitness, the 13 gyms in the area are worth a visit. You can also try some aquatic adventures, golf, arts, and theater here.

Aventura has warm and balmy weather almost all year round thanks to its balmy climate. The average number of sunny days per year is 252 and the temperature never goes below 37 or above 84 degrees depending on the month.

Sea breezes and monsoon rains help keep people cool during the warmer days, with mostly sunny weather between June and October.

Aventura has better air quality than most of the country, with an air quality index that is 17% better than the national average. The pollution index is 86% better than most of the country too.

We can mention some places to stop by like Aventura Mall, Áme Spa and Wellness Collective, Aventura Arts and Cultural Center, Gulfstream Park and Ancient Spanish Monastery.

There are also different parks to visit and spend the day as Founders Park, ​​Tidal Cove Waterpark and Oleta River State Park.

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