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Spencer worked with me as a buyer's agent and helped me search for houses two times. The first time, I was unsatisfied as the state of repair of the home became apparent. Spencer had my back and helped me negotiate my way through that, but I ended up saying no to the home. The second house I settled on we ended up closing on. In that scenario, we knew we had to move quickly due to a large number of buyers. Spencer quickly came up with a deal to secure the house, and it worked immediately. Throughout that whole process, Spencer continually proved the accuracy of his high ratings. His responsiveness, flexibility, negotiation skills, local knowledge, and knowledge of the real estate processes are unparalleled. The fact that he runs a top Instagram account related to real estate only further reflects his commitment to the industry. I'd work with Spencer again any day and recommend him to others.

Spencer was an ideal broker for us. He was extremely professional and knowledgeable about the real estate market. Spencer is also skilled negotiator and was very patient with us both in explaining the markets, price points and the best way to submit the offers. Our journey was long, but Spencer saw us through every step of the way. Even after our deal closed, Spencer followed up to make sure we were happy with our purchase and offered to be a continuous support if we needed it. Its clear that Spencer truly cares about building a good strong relationship with his clients by making sure he provides them with very best service, information, and support. We highly recommend him!

Spencer is a rare breed of a complete professional, extremely patient, yet skillfully determined individual. Somehow he met every goal on my very long list of demands and far exceeded my expectations for what I wanted in a home. He offered insightful knowledge of what I should look out for and gave me credible advice as to what to expect in the future. For his help, I am extremely grateful to have met Spencer and truly would recommend him to anyone interested in even learning about / investing in real estate.

Spencer has been an invaluable help in sourcing both investment and personal property opportunities for me. His willingness to go above and beyond for me and other clients and work anywhere and at any time has made him irreplaceable for me and my partners. His local market knowledge has been incredibly valuable - when coaching me to buy, or hold off. I look forward to working with him in the future and can’t recommend him highly enough.

We were faced with the enormous task of relocating and finding a new home in the midst of Covid-19 shutdowns. Spencer patiently guided us through the process. His familiarity with the area was a fantastic resource and ultimately led us to looking in areas we might not have thought to. With his help and guidance we found a fantastic home. He was responsive throughout the process and after the sale. He not only brings his own knowledge and experience to the table, he also has a ton of recommendations and connections that help with all kinds of post-sale homeowner needs. I would strongly recommend working with him.

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